Vinyl Craft

Foil cutting

With us you get your desired film by the meter or already prepared according to your ideas. Foils can be used in many different ways.

Foil tattoos
Tattoos for walls and other smooth surfaces are real eye-catchers. Many motifs and lettering can be made as a tattoo in different colors and provide many decorative options, e.g. City Skyline.
Floor covering

Whether for floor marking or for advertising purposes, our special floor foils are real eye-catchers and let your floor speak for itself. Whether tiles or laminate, the films can be processed on many types of floors. You have the choice between printed digital printing film and contour-cut self-adhesive film.

Magnetic sheet

With the printed magnetic foil, you can, for example, change the lettering on your vehicle or exhibition stand quickly and at short notice.

Frosted glass film

The frosted glass film lets your window and glass surfaces shine in a new frosted glass pattern.

Printed frosted glass film

The frosted glass film can not only be used as a privacy screen or decoration, but can also be printed as an advertising medium.

Transparente Folie

Our transparent, colored film is ideal for designing illuminated glass surfaces or neon advertising boxes and is available in different colours. You have the choice between dyed foil or foil printed with the color of your choice

Transparente Folie

We produce stencil foils according to your template for painting and varnishing work. The film can be removed easily and is also suitable for uneven surfaces.

Kitchen foil

Would you like a new kitchen or cupboard colour? No problem with the decorative foil, you can change it without much effort

Furniture foiling

Other furniture such as desks, refrigerators or chests of drawers can also be individually modified with the decorative film. You can change your furniture at any time and redesign your interior.

Sun protection film

The sun protection film is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to roller shutters and blinds. Depending on the version, this also serves as a privacy screen without obstructing your own view from the inside.


With the anti-graffiti film, you can inexpensively protect your shop windows and ground floor windows from vandalism caused by graffiti or dirt.

Anti-shatter film

The transparent anti-burglary or anti-shatter film increases the resistance of your glass panes and thus offers greater protection against burglars and injuries caused by flying glass splinters.

Anti-scratch film

Anti-scratch films offer optimal protection against scratched windows. The film can be used on many smooth surfaces such as mirrors or stainless steel.

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