Digital direct printing (Direct to Garment - DTG)

 For the representation of photographic motifs and color gradients, the fabric is directly printed using a special color printer. The color application is intense, yet so fine that it is barely perceptible, and the fabric remains as soft as before the printing process.


Like on a sheet of paper, the desired design or photo can be directly printed onto the fabric. The photorealistic motifs, in color or black and white, are brilliantly executed with vivid details in direct printing and are of high quality. The impressive result is environmentally friendly and durable.

Digital direct printing eliminates costly and time-consuming pre-processes, as, for example, no screens are needed. The elimination of these high additional costs makes small print runs possible with this printing method. 

Direct Comparison DTG vs Screen Printing



Screen Printing

* No cost impact per added color - the number of colors in the print design is irrelevant. * JEach additional printing color is charged - the more colors, the higher the costs.
* No minimum order quantity! * Minimum order quantity required!
* The same design can be printed in different sizes. * Different screens are needed for various sizes.

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