T-Shirt print

T-shirt printing

Create your own T-shirts or other textiles for work or leisure. Optionally with a personal design, or choose from the many colors, styles, and motifs that we are happy to provide for you.

Screen printing

For larger quantities, the production in screen printing is recommended. Through the specially created fine-mesh stencil for you, the ink is pressed onto the textile and then dried.


With us, you can refine your textiles in various ways. The flexfoil method is particularly suitable for labeling textiles with a company name or lettering.


We label and print jerseys and other sportswear for sports clubs and groups. Here, we provide you with a wide range of colors.

Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG)

For the reproduction of photographic images and color gradients, the fabric is directly printed using a special color printer. The color application is intense, yet so fine that it is barely perceptible. Simply put: Just like printing on a sheet of paper, the desired design or photo is directly printed onto the fabric! 

Transfer Printing (DTF)

Alternatively, for photographic designs, the transfer printing method can be used. In this process, a special film is printed and then transferred onto the textile.

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