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Screen printing: High-quality printing solutions for your individual requirements

Welcome to our screen printing shop, where creativity and quality meet! We offer professional screen printing, a versatile technique for applying individual designs to a wide variety of materials. Whether textiles, advertising banners, posters or promotional items – our screen printing company transforms your ideas into high-quality printed products. With state-of-the-art technology and an experienced team, we guarantee precise and long-lasting results. Add a unique touch to your brand, event or personal project with screen printing from our workshop. 

Discover the world of design possibilities and rely on quality – rely on our screen printing company!

Screen printing piece list (in euro)

10+ pieces 

25+ pieces 50+ pieces 100+ pieces 300+ pieces
1 color 2.90 2.40 1.55 1.10 0.85
2 colors 3.90 2.90 1.75 1.40 1.05
3 colors 4.90 3.40 2.05 1.60 1.25
4 colors 5.90 3.90 2.45 1.80 1.45
5 colors 6.90 4.40 2.95 2.10 1.75
6 colors 7.90 4.90 3.55 2.40 2.05
7 colors 8.90 5.40 4.25 3.05 2.55
8 colors 9.90 5.90 5.15 3.55 2.95

Additional costs and extras:

Screen production:  For screen printing we need a vector file, which we then use to print the screen film. A 1-color print requires 1 screen, each additional color requires a screen.

NKBasic: Screen production + screen film costs + screen device = 40 €

When printing light colors on dark textiles, a white underprint is required, which is also counted as one color. An additional sieve is required for this. Example: You want a 2-color print on dark textile with light colors. First we create a screen from the whole print file. 2 screens are made for the 2-color print. In total we come up with 3 sieves. The advantage of a white pre-print are lighter colors.

Screen printing workshop from DRUCK + FOLIE

We are pleased to introduce you to our screen printing workshop. Here we can implement all your ideas and wishes. We work with a high-precision screen printing carousel and can also draw on over 20 years of experience. It doesn't matter whether you are a tradesman, a private individual or even an artist in the field of fashion design - everyone will find what they are looking for and get good advice from us. Come by if you have any questions - our DRUCK+FOLIE team is ready for you.

Halftone printing:

In the case of halftone printing, a fine screen must be used, which is charged extra at €5.

Special colors:

25% surcharge on special colors such as silver, gold and neon colors.


Since our service is manual work, approx. 5% rejects are possible. However, only the textiles are taken into account. We will bear the printing costs. Please take this into account for your own textiles and adjust the number of textiles.

Large format screen printing:

The size of the motive is 40 x 40 cm, price on request.

We usually use plastisol inks for screen printing. Prints with water-based colors are also possible, prices on request.

Customer Goods:

If you deliver your own textiles, we charge a surcharge of up to 40%. If you have your own textiles, please take into account possible rejects and adjust the number of textiles accordingly.

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