Magnetic foil / magnetic signs individually printed

Give your advertising magnetic appeal with custom-printed magnetic film and magnetic signs. Our high-quality prints guarantee brilliance and attention. Versatile for use in vehicle advertising, signage, shelf labeling, and more. The magnetic properties allow easy attachment, removal, and switching on iron or steel surfaces without leaving residues. Design your advertising appearance flexibly and conspicuously – opt for tailor-made magnetic signs. Optionally, you can choose between matte and glossy lamination.


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Magnetic foil individually printed

Magnetic Foils and Custom-Printed Magnetic Signs

Explore the world of creative possibilities: Design and print custom magnetic boards tailored to your preferences. Perfect for a flexible and eye-catching advertising presence.


  • Vehicle advertising
  • Removable warnings and signs
  • Flexible labeling of storage and retail shelves, as well as metal cabinets and drawers

Product features:

  • Due to their permanent magnetic properties, magnetic sheets can be used for many years.
  • The film is easy to attach, remove, and switch without leaving residues.
  • No demagnetization and no rusting.