Porsche 911 G-Models | Stone chip protection film

Optimal protection for your Porsche 911 G models (911, 911 SC, 911 Carrera) with our stone chip protection film set. Made from high-performance protective film, the film is available in transparent or black textured options. Although this set is not from Porsche, it still provides excellent protection against stone chips and wear marks. The high-performance protective film ensures a reliable barrier against stones, dirt, and other external influences that could damage the paint. The transparent option allows for inconspicuous protection, while the black textured variant adds a stylish accent.

Please note that this is not an original part from Porsche.


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Porsche 911, 911G, 911SC, 911Carrera.

Stone chip protection film for Porsche 911 G models

911, 911 SC, 911 Carrera

  • 1 set of stone chip protection film for left and right sides
  • transparent
    • 150 µ or 320 µ
  • black textured
    • 190 µ or 320 µ
    • Self-healing function

Please note that this is not an original part from Porsche. Upon request, we can also produce protective films for other vehicle parts and install them. Both for interior and exterior use.